Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Presents!

I think it's lovely to give presents that you have made yourself or someone else has made. This 'Frothy Scarf' is a Rowan pattern I started a while ago and had decided that it should be a gift for my Mum this Christmas. Unfortunately I left it till the last minute to pick up and knit the frothy frill around the outside and was up quite late on Christmas Eve finishing it! (Does anyone else leave their knitting around for a while before finishing it?) It was worth it though as Mum is very pleased with it and teenage daughter has decided she wants me to make her one in a different colour, but cannot quite decide whether she wants a frill on it or not.

Another gift I gave, this time to my daughter, was a brass locket containing an embroidered feather which was made by Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy Blog. I can highly recommend her blog and also her etsy shop in which I find lovely presents for special occasions:


kristina said...

Oh the Frothy Scarf is beautiful. Off to investigate this pattern. And you're most definitely not the only one who leaves knitting projects unfinished--I speak from experience!

K x

Darcy said...

Love the scarf. It looks so pretty and delicate.

Michelle said...

Such a beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

Your frothy scarf is beautiful - it reminds me of barefoot walks on southern hemisphere beaches and the 'wild' ocean (which I frequently find myself missing living in Amsterdam... even though there's water everywhere!).

Hope it has warmed up a bit where you are! Our ice and snow has melted but damp, grey chilliness has taken its place.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Kristina - the pattern is great to knit and I am glad I am not the only one knitting slowly

Darcy - thank you

Michelle - yes the colour is lovely and fits in with your 'blue' period

Suzanne - wow what a description on the scarf - I haven't walked on the beaches of the southern Hemisphere but would love to do so.
Different kind of water in Amsterdam :-)
It has warmed up here and has been sunny for the past couple of days - before that we had quite a few grey days which were quite sad - I love the sunshine!