Friday, 21 May 2010

New Goodies!

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time this week as one of my favourite textile designers Jane Lindsey was hosting giveaways on her Snapdragon Facebook page. Jane gave up her job as an art gallery curator, retrained in horticulture, moved to a smallholding in Stirlingshire where she set up a flower growing business and creating embroidered textiles. Jane regularly posts about her life on her blog Snapdragon's garden where you can also find some good advice about running small businesses as well as links to buying her work.

Anyway as I said I just happened to be at my computer when Jane was giving away this lovely 'Strawberry Jam' notebook cover (usually her jam notebook covers feature 'Raspberry Jam'). My fingers could not type quick enough as I had seen her lovely notebook covers in local galleries and I was lucky enough to be the first commenter. I also manged to snap up the wool behind it so that I can put my own sewing skills to the test.

The next day Jane was giving away more goodies and I managed to win this lovely corsage which I think I shall give to my daughter as she is the fashion expert in our house and I felt a bit greedy keeping everything myself:

Also in the post this week came these lovely cards which I purchased from another favourite textile designer Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy. There are more of these cards to buy in Melissa's etsy shop. It is four years since Melissa from New Zealand started her Tiny Happy blog and business and to celebrate she is having a really great giveaway on her blog.


lisa s said...

i really love that corsage !

Ravenhill said...

Such lovely things in the mail! I love Melissa's work too!