Monday, 22 June 2009


A little while back I agreed to this gocco swap which was organised by Sarah of Cloth, Paper String blog. I was really excited to be taking part in this as I had missed out on previous swaps. I spent the weekend printing my 'Reflecting Winter & Spring' image onto grey card for some notelets. I thought this would be relatively straight forward as I thought it was easy to buy grey card to make cards. Not so - I did not realise how scarce grey card is and it had to be the right shade of grey to match the colours I was using. I wanted to print the icicles in the image in white which is why I decided to use grey as the background. When I finally found some when I cut and creased the grey card it did not crease properly and so I had to start again! Paperchase came to the rescue and I bought some thinner grey card which has seemed to work ok.

After the notelets were printed came more fun in wrapping them up and then sending them on their way to different corners of the globe.

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Anonymous said...

Love these - colours gorgeous