Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Swatch Swop - work in progress

Thinking about a design for Jesse's Swatch Swop was relatively easy as I already had a design based on a Venetian window that I could use and I thought this would look good as a repeated pattern on fabric. My first attempt at this pattern was a while ago and the 'block' made with press print and in this prussian blue colour on paper.

I decided that the block should be made more substantial for fabric printing and started drawing my design on the lino and carving it out

I thought about using two colours in the design: grey and dark turquoise which are colours I like and also reminicent of Venice. I am hoping that the two colours will be layered with the grey on the bottom and dark turquoise offset over the top. After finishing carving the block I decided to print with the grey and this is the result:
I am pretty pleased with this first printing session and will let it dry and then go over the top with the second colour. Not sure if I need to fix this first layer by ironing it now or if I should fix after I have printed both layers. Can anyone please help with the answer to this?


painted fish studio said...

i block printed for the swap as well, and i had some slight over lap on my prints. i just let the first run dry, then printed the second and heat-set it all at once at the end. i tested the print under the faucet, and it stayed put!

i love your block -- great design!

Venetian Blue said...

Hi Jen
Thank you for your kind words and advice - I shall leave the heat setting until I have printed the second layer.
Many Thanks